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A journey of putting Elm into production

Gearing up from exploring a new technology to make real use of it is often a journey of decision making. Some decisions turns out positive, while others results in a dead end. Our employee Björn Johansson has put his and LearningWells first Elm app into production. He shares his, mostly positive, experiences in this blog post.

Published in: Code | 2017-03-15 Göran Larsson

Dotterns byxor fick förklara mitt jobb som testare

Min dotter undrade vad jag jobbar med som testare. Jag försökte förklara med ord som slutkund, utvecklare, bugg, projektledare, testuppdrag och testare. Men det var först när jag använde liknelsen med ett par byxor som hon förstod.

Published in: Testing | 2017-03-13 Mats Landholm

Låt whiteboarden vara navet i ert teamarbete!

I de flesta fall är den traditionella och högst manuella whiteboarden överlägsen jämfört med de digitala verktyg som finns för visualisering av ett agilt teams uppgifter. Genom att låta tavlan vara navet och centralt placerat i teamets absoluta närhet, kan ni uppnå ett stort mått av agilitet och ha stora möjligheter att driva ert team framåt […]

Published in: Agile | 2017-02-07 Peter Sandberg

Overcoming the ”misspellings” bug in Safari caused by Google Font

Safari has rendering problems with some Google Fonts, which makes certain words appear like misspelled. For example, the word Drifting becomes Drfiting. It makes the letter ‘I’ and ‘F’ switch positions. We use Google Assistant font and solved the problem with this CSS fix that works with other Google Fonts as well. html { -webkit-font-variant-ligatures: […]

Published in: Code | 2016-12-19 Mikael Lennander

Enlighten your family

Last Sunday morning, my seven-year-old son and I stayed in bed to explore code.org on the iPad. code.org is a non-profit organisation dedicated to expanding the access to computer science. They do so by step-by-step programming tutorials. These tutorials features characters my son recognise, such as Angry Birds, Minecraft, Frost (Disney) and many more. After a couple of hours in bed […]

Published in: General | 2016-12-14 Göran Larsson

Agile is Evolution not Revolution

When we take steps towards agility, we shouldn´t look for revolution, we should aim for evolution. Let´s take small steps towards a more fun and efficient way of working!

Published in: Agile | 2016-12-09 Peter Sandberg