LearningWell was founded in 2003. The idea was to use the collapse of the IT bubble as a springboard to do something different – to trust your gut instinct when looking for customers and colleagues. Today, the company employs some 50 people, has four offices in Sweden, and has the Swedish and Swiss armed forces on its client list.

“Ever since we started the company, we’ve been driven by a single thing: to be proud of every project, regardless of whether we’re working with colleagues or clients,” explains Peter Karlsson, CEO of LearningWell East. “Because we’re still growing and operate in the rapidly changing IT field, it was time to review what we meant with our original vision.”

Over the past year, employees from all the company’s offices have together carried out a major branding exercise. They have had the opportunity to give their views about the company and how it should be perceived in the future.

“Just like other companies, it’s important to be clear about what you stand for, which clients we work with and what we look for in colleagues. Essentially, it’s a question about company structure and our values. This isn’t something that management can go out with and expect that everyone will simply accept. Therefore, all staff have been involved and they have described how we should be perceived in future, and what they need to do, in concrete terms, for us to achieve this.”

Our new website is the first step of our new brand launch. Please visit: http://learningwell.se/.


Peter Karlsson, CEO LearningWell East
+46 70 631 28 70

Claes Erik Frölund, CEO LearningWell
+46 73 351 82 74

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About LearningWell

LearningWell employs some 50 people, has four offices in Sweden and clients worldwide. The company develops customised IT systems for a wide variety of applications including intelligence platforms, logistics and ERP. Clients include the Swedish and Swiss armed forces, nuclear power plant operator OKG and steel producer SSAB.