Customised systems

Most people have experience of customised systems that fail to live up to expectations. The same goes for us – as buyers and users. That’s why you need to ask an important strategic question from time to time: is it time to stop customising your business to the standard, and build a system based on users’ actual requirements instead?

Among others, we have helped the Swedish Armed Forces, nuclear power plant operator OKG, the Swedish Nuclear Training and Safety Centre (KSU), steel producer SSAB, and Armasuisse to develop customised systems based on their unique goals and circumstances.

Focus areas

We have extensive knowledge and experience of several fields. Many of our solutions are based on turnkey modules that can be adjusted to your needs.

Competitive intelligence, where we build monitoring systems, for example for European armed forces. The system is composed of three modules. SourceWell gives users the option of configuring the collection of all types of source data. TriageWell is used for decision support for second-by-second monitoring through automatic prioritising of incoming source data. AnalyzeWell helps analysts identify important and material connections in vast amounts of unstructured information. The module is based on Silobreaker’s Enterprise Software Suite.

Logistics, where we, for example, have developed an information portal and modules for tracking unique identities. These solutions can be readily integrated with and exported to other systems that manage, for example, transport, terminals and inventory.

We have also developed an RFID system for the Swedish forestry sector. The technical solution behind the system has become a de facto standard for rail networks in Europe, and has been hailed as one of the world’s best RFID projects.

Business systems, where we have turnkey solutions for businesses in the service sector that help them to introduce more digitalised processes. These functions include support to simplify capacity planning, advanced case management with full tracking, and warnings that help users take decisions proactively. The system also supports the domestic services sector.

IT consultants

You might also come to us when you need skills support for short- or long-term projects. We have specialist IT consultants in areas such as system development, testing, requirements definition, project leadership and business development.

We also function as a strategic partner and advisor in business-related IT.