When Anton went for interview at LearningWell in Karlstad, he was worried. He was completely new to the field and had just left university. What he hadn’t expected was that there were a lot of things, apart from knowledge, that his future employer would be interested in.

Anton is 26, drives a motorbike and works out at the gym four to five days a week. “I’d actually like to go six days a week because I just do one-hour workouts. I exercise to keep my body in shape, and because I enjoy it. It’s not about appearances, I just want to lift heavier and heavier weights.”

But no, he’s not a competitive person. That’s what Anton said when some friends asked. “But they disagreed. They thought that I was competitive because I consider losing as proof that someone else is better. At the same time, I think that everyone wants to do their best. Why wouldn’t you want to be the best you can be?”

While he comes across as being tough and performance-orientated, he sounded very different when he walked into LearningWell’s office for his first interview. He didn’t even think he would get the job during the interview. He saw it more as a test where he had the opportunity of meeting new people. 

“At university I was worried that I’d leave knowing nothing. I saw how other people stood next to me shouting. But I’ve learnt that nobody gets angry with me if I’m honest. It’s better to say that I don’t know the answer, but that I can find out.”

Attitude got him the job

“During one of the two interviews I was asked about a specific technology and whether I understood it. I said no, but I also said that it wouldn’t be difficult to find out. And this is roughly how our discussions have continued since then. If I’m just open about what I know I’ll be accepted and get help when I need it.”

This is something that he wants other job seekers to know. “I want to tell people that you become more talented with the help of your attitude than from reading lots of books. Here at work we’re more interested in who a person is, not how many certificates they have.”

Anton says that there are many advantages with LearningWell. The trust he feels, that colleagues believe in him and that they take care of each other. “What’s more, there’s no risk of me being left in a cupboard writing code all day.”

Not afraid to make mistakes

Something that is demanding a lot of time outside work right now is that Anton and his girlfriend are preparing to be parents. The baby is due in a few weeks, and things are already a bit stressful. But it would have been worse if Anton’s attitude to work had been different.

Everything can be solved. If Anton doesn’t know something, he googles it or asks around for the answer regardless of whether it’s about taking care of children, renovating the house or fixing the car.

“You should never fear failure – at work or in your private life. The quicker you admit your flaws, the quicker you can sort them out.”