Overcoming the ”misspellings” bug in Safari caused by Google Font

Safari has rendering problems with some Google Fonts, which makes certain words appear like misspelled. For example, the word Drifting becomes Drfiting. It makes the letter ’I’ and ’F’ switch positions.

We use Google Assistant font and solved the problem with this CSS fix that works with other Google Fonts as well.

html {
-webkit-font-variant-ligatures: none;
-moz-font-variant-ligatures: none;
font-variant-ligatures: none;
-webkit-font-feature-settings: 'liga' 0, 'onum' 1, 'kern' 1;
-moz-font-feature-settings: 'liga' 0, 'onum' 1, 'kern' 1;
-o-font-feature-settings: 'liga' 0, 'onum' 1, 'kern' 1;
font-feature-settings: 'liga' 0, 'onum' 1, 'kern' 1;

This fix was happily found at https://github.com/google/fonts/issues/184